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My Week in Pictures – Week 1

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A feature I’d like to keep up with is a weekly snapshot of my daily life in pictures. I’d like to get into photography more and it certainly helps to take pictures everyday! Also, I’m super inspired by Tracy over at Shutterbean with her My Everyday Life series. [Side note: If you like listening to podcasts, then you need to listen to the Joy the Baker podcast. It’s seriously the highlight of my week. Joy and Tracy are hilarious, it’s a must-listen.]

Our list for New Year’s Eve dinner. We stayed in and had Dave’s parents over.


First breakfast of the New Year.


I cast on for a Color Affection, part of a 2013 KAL with my RavWeds group.


I visited Dave at his aikido dojo for the first time ever. I didn’t feel comfortable snapping any other pictures during the class, however.


We had a celebration at work when we returned on the 2nd. The juxtaposition of the cupcakes and a tub of apples made me laugh. (There were like eight tables of cupcakes and one tub of apples.)


Breakfast for dinner, the sweet potato hash cooked for a little longer than I wanted, but it was still delish!


Frosty morning.


We took down our tree this weekend.


Dave and I got really into watching Doctor Who this past year, so I had to get a TARDIS for the tree.


Sunset on our street


We went over our friends’ Tracey and Nas’ house to exchange gifts and watch a movie last night. Violet got super excited about her Play Doh! (So were we, to be honest.)


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