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My Week in Pictures – Week 28

Why hello! Don’t mind me, I just took a bath. 

Sunday car wash

Happy Fourth!

Enjoying the party with Great Grandpa

Trying so hard to stand on her own

She may have growled at me when I tried to take her out of the swing…

It’s hard work having that much fun!

Fourth of July sunset

I didn’t mind the neighborhood fireworks as they were the only ones I could see. 

I find those dang puffs everywhere.

Quick walk around the neighborhood!

A face in the dishes

Snot bubble!

New toy!

She loves that thing. Best purchase yet?

Week 28 in 2015
Week 28 in 2014
Week 28 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures – Week 27

Hello there! It’s bagel time. 

Some early morning play time. 

Selfie day at work!

Poor thing has a double ear infection😦😦😦

Cheesy Gouda chicken burgers with some Swiss chard. (Gotta have some balance.)

Already testing boundaries…

Happy July!

Starting to feel better, especially after some Dziadzu time. 

Dang elusive strawberries!

Feeling much better!

Practicing walking with grandma!

It’s going to happen before we know it!

Week 27 in 2015
Week 27 in 2014
Week 27 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures- Week 25

Getting used to the lowest pack n play setting… and obsessed with sunlight!

Helping me get dressed

Breakfast with the CEO, fancy!

I came home to this after knitting one night ❀️

This has been my phone screen picture for the past couple of weeks. 

9 months old!

Running makes me crazy, ha!

Big milestone for 9 months old!

Time to lower the crib!

Girls’ lunch!

Not really a fan of limes πŸ˜‚

Happy birthday to my father-in-law!

Too cool for school

Great Dziadzu!

She really is the hit of all the parties. 

Week 25 in 2015
Week 25 in 2014
Week 25 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures- Week 23

The view from my hotel, overlooking Waterbury

I could have taken the train home!

Pooped after a weekend with the grandparents 

Contemplating finger foods

I stole her bobo and she was thrilled. Babies are weird. 

Food truck at work!

And the helicopter showed up! It’s never at our campus. 

Happy Donut Day! A little skimpy with the frosting, DD… #atleastitwasfree

Swim class!

Crazy hair, don’t care

Happy 3rd birthday, baby D!

My phone accidentally took this picture, so neat. 

Hanging with Daddy


Cioci love

These weeks are so busy!

Week 23 in 2015
Week 23 in 2014
Week 23 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures – Week 22

Sick snugly baby

Guess who can pull herself up?

My Webs swag

Still not feeling well

Bye Mommy!

Feeling better!

Grill master 

Vermont! I’m headed to Mari’s wedding, sadly alone. Dave caught the stomach bug and wisely decided to stay home. 

Hiking to the ceremony site

It was hot even in the shade!


Pig roast!

Mari and her dad

Meanwhile, back at home, someone had a great time with her grandparents!

Week 22 in 2015
Week 22 in 2014
Week 22 in 2013


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