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My Week in Pictures – Week 39

Our backyard looks so nice after all the work Dave put in to prep for the party!

Fancy schmancy work lunch

Big E! The butter sculpture in progress. 

How cute is this knit BB-8 toy?

My shawl won first place!

And both my hats as well! The elf hat got the wrong ribbon but the prize money was right so I guess that’s all that matters. 😉

My friend Angie won Best in Show. Well deserved!!

Beer and baked potato! The must haves. 

Hanging out for dinner

Carrie and Papa selfie

Purple fiber optic trees

Enchanted by the Midway lights

Enjoying her Fi-sized chair

Love local stores with a sense of humor!

Hi Dada!

I miss using the porch now that it’s gotten cold out!

Week 39 in 2015
Week 39 in 2014
Week 39 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures – Week 38 Part 2

We’re back! And contemplating turning a year old. 

I’m glad this is the last time I “have” to do monthly pictures. It’s impossible to get her to stay in one place now. 

We took her to the Forest Park Zoo for her birthday. She was kind of cranky because of teething but seemed to like the animals. 

Party decor prep!

Hmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about birthdays…

But wait! We get presents?!

Ready for the party!

Needless to say, it was a great first birthday party! I still can’t believe how quickly the first year flew by… and now we have a toddler!

Week 38 in 2015
Week 38 in 2014
Week 38 in 2013

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My Week in Pictures – Week 38 Part 1

Hey, we’re in Maine!

FIFTH generation enjoying watching the taffy pulling machines. 

Hey guys, there’s a lot going on here!

Lime Rickey!

When it’s almost your birthday, you can pick out the most expensive toy in the store!

Exploring Short Sands beach

Our one and only Long Sands trip

Someone loved the water!

Building with daddy

Attempting one of many future family portraits at Nubble

Our view from the dinner table 

Good morning!

Pizza! Not pictured – lots of outlet shopping

Last morning of exploring the rental home

And one last view of the ocean on our way home…

Thankfully it was also nap time!

For most of the ride at least🙂

Happy to be home!

I love cheesy puns. 

Can you believe we’re only halfway through the week? Part 2 will be up soon… I promise. 

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My Week in Pictures – Week 37

We installed central a/c around Labor Day, and this was the only way we could fit in a nap with people working in the house.

Enjoy that watermelon before it goes out of season!

The water beads caught my eye.

Playing with Scott’s old toys!

Not a fan of the hammock chair

Trying to finish up old projects before starting new ones

I take a lot of high chair pictures because it’s the easiest way to contain her – and get halfway decent results. 😂

It’s 85 degrees out and I can’t decide which wool hat to wear.

September primary elections

I brought my helper.

Mmmm waffles

Road trip!

Obligatory Piscataqua River Bridge shot!

Checking out the rental house

Grocery store snuggles with Grandma

First time at the ocean

This is my happy place.

It was a long day!

Don’t worry, she’ll warm up to it shortly.

Week 37 in 2015

Week 37 in 2014

Week 37 in 2013


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My Week in Pictures- Week 36

Last minute car knitting for the Big E deadline!

Lobster dinner at work was… weird. I wasn’t really expecting that it would be the full lobster. I’m not a fan of working for the meat. 

Clouds overtaking work

Ready to block the shawl…

… all pinned out!

Dahlias are my favorite 

Puppy dog eyes 🐶

[Photo credit: Mom]

I can’t remember the last time I had a Big Mac! My father-in-law picked these up for us. 

They were better than we remember!

Week 36 in 2013
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My Week in Pictures – Week 35

More breakfast please!

Selfies with Dziadzu 

Hanging out with the grandparents

It’s nearly impossible to take a non-blurry picture these days. 

I finished the hat! It just needs a pompom now. 

I was spoiled in our knitting group’s swap. 

She doesn’t look like the same kid when we brush her hair. 

Ready for school!

Practicing spoon skills is hard (and messy) work

Chip’s her favorite (don’t tell Dale)

Red Sox event at work… you have to pretend you like each other when you work with your spouse. 😂

This kid!

Wait, what?!

Raspberries are SO GOOD

Evening snapshot

Where are you going, where’ve you been?

Week 35 in 2015
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Week 35 in 2013