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My Week in Pictures – Week 14

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A warning – I make up for the lack of pictures last week! :)

Sunday brunch fundraiser! I looooove brunch. This guy, not so much.


I seriously think it’s my favorite meal.


Guys, I think I invented something amazing – turnip fries! I’m not even kidding, these were really good, served along side turkey burgers.


I think this is my sweaty, accomplished running face.


I cannot even tell you how upset this made me when I looked out the window.


Those are some low odds right there


Another HCC meal! This time it was a diner-themed lunch. This was just the appetizer (duck confit Reuben)!


Networking event at the Basketball Hall of Fame. Fancy!


Why, hello!


Financial seminar on Friday, which was really good! Here’s the keynote speaker, Amanda Steinberg, who founded DailyWorth. It was really inspiring to learn more about taking hold of your financial future.


I totally treated myself to ice cream afterwards.


Asparagus pizza for dinner! It’s such a treat. (Plus, Dave gave me the slice that looks like a mitten!)


Webs meet-up with the Ravelry ‘Weds!


[Photo credit: J/Young Man with Sarah's camera]

We had a blast picking out yarn and needles! We walked up to Green Bean and Tart Bakery for lunch and a snack. No picture of my citrus cream puff from the bakery, I inhaled it. Mmmmm, pastry cream.

Love Sarah and Alissa’s matching shirts!


Here’s my haul from Webs! I’m so excited about the new interchangeable needles.


Such a busy week! I’m exhausted just recapping it.

One thought on “My Week in Pictures – Week 14

  1. Turnip fries sound amazing! Yay ‘Weds! I’m totally digging the Karbonz needles I got.

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