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My Week(s) in Pictures – Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13

aka the month of March!

Honestly, I didn’t have enough photos to justify separate weeks for March. I must not have been in a picture-taking mood for weeks!

A cold sunset

Hazy drive to work

Lucky Charms marshmallow treat? Genius! 

Green bagel? Must be St. Patty’s day!

Sometimes you just need a mini-milkshake.*

A Minion and his cupcake 

A random sight in the elevator at work

Celebrating something at work… We’re a bunch of goofballs.

I’m pretty sure the hair flower is related to whatever beach-theme we were celebrating at work!

*Umm, or you’re totally having a pregnancy craving.

That’s right, in March we formally announced we were expecting in September. Which, at the time of this post, is very very soon! Eep! Stay tuned!

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My Week in Pictures -Week 6

Well, I only have six months to catch up on over here! Whoops! I was truly having technical difficulties, as my computer didn’t want to recognize half the pictures I took in February. I have no idea what that’s about, or why it refuses to acknowledge anything new. I’m attempting this post on my iPad, so if it looks different, that’s the reason! I hope it works.

Thankfully the first week of February had a theme: snow!

We got a lot of it! Our neighbor is the best, he helps us out with our sidewalk since we don’t have a snowblower.

Holy crap, this sunrise is everything.

Our house looks pretty picturesque after a snowstorm

Yup, that’s a lot of snow!

I kind of miss it. Maybe.

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My Week in Pictures – Week 5

Colorful yarn!


It helps when it’s gray and snowy out.



Sunroof snow drifts from inside the car


Delicious food! I met Alissa, Susan, and Baby V (aka Chunky) at the CIA for a fancypants lunch. This octopus was amazing.


My main fish course wasn’t too shabby, either.


We totally splurged and got tableside ice cream! Here’s a fun video of the action:

And the mini cone!


The dessert also came with this assortment of mini pastries for each of us! It was all delicious, of course.


Group shot!


I really enjoyed these lamps. What a fun touch!


The area surrounding the school is gorgeous!



The drive home through the Hudson River Valley wasn’t too bad either. (It was freezing, so I didn’t get out of the car. I’m sorry for the blur!)


When I got home, I had this loot from Pampered Chef waiting for me. I won it in a blog contest!


Not too shabby!


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